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L'initiative citoyenne du 21e siècle

Who we are?

Young citizens flabbergasted by the economical crisis and the lack of young political representativeness gather around one cause : fight youth unemployment across Europe.

We have painfully stated the inefficiency of politicians to solve with concrete answers and measure our daily concerns. We are fully aware the stakes of the 21st century should involved civil society in a whole in order to redefine priorities and reshape sustainability our economic model. This citizen initiative launched by young Europeans aims at giving voices to a generation economically and socially sacrificed by an economic crisis for which they are non responsible.

We have as an ambition to redefine the European project in reframing toward on democratic willingness and without a nationalist withdraw.

Why act with us?

Youth unemployment is not an economic fatality, it is mainly linked and based on the given political willingness to act. For instance, 6 billion Euro has been dedicated to the cause by the European Commission, however, Heads of State have neglected to use it. This social and economic hostage is not acceptable in our modern democracy.
How to build a European society without its young generation, which is economically left behind in austerity, and forced into exile?

The Politicus association has launched this citizen initiative to create a media opportunity to shed light on this social disaster.
If you think our ambition is legitimate, our mission serves the general interest and you want something new, then talk to your friends about us share our contents.


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