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Since the begining of our citizen inititative in 2015 we have stated few positive impacts thanks to our determination and through our partners network accross the world. The fight against unemployement and its impact on politcial radicalization is a dailly challenge and we are proud to announce our tangible results thanks to our concrete actions and advocacy campaign. The best is yet to come!

2015, Brussels, Conference organized with our partner Café Babel. Meeting between academics, Members of the European Parliament and young citizens.


2015, Paris, Happening with Génération Précaire at My little Paris to highlight the level of interns above the minimum legally accepted in France. Media Coverage by radio and TV!

2015, Brussels, Meeting and dialogue with Member of the European Parliament to share on employ and EU economic grotwh. From left to right, Philippe Lamberts (Green Party) and Guillaume Balas (S&D).


2015, Paris, obtention of increase of remuneration and right protection for Interns and young workers.

2016, Geneva and New York, the unpaid intern of the U.N is sleeping in a tent and protest about his precarious situation. This topic goes viral (more details here)  and recently an official proposal have been made by Ian Richards, Vice-President of the United Nations and Staff Management Committee. He called for a Secretary General report on introducing stipends for UN interns at a Fifth Committee meeting of the 70th General. Read more here.


March 2016, Paris, demonstration and official proposal to the french government on work legal fram revision directly linked to young workers and their inclusion on the job market.

May 2016, Strasbourg, Officially involved in the European Youth Event to spread the work and share with european civil society members on youth unemployment and its consequences over modern societies.


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